Tangled/Raiponce – The Art of Disney Appeal


Vu : Soirée spéciale « Making of Tangled/Raiponce » organisée par Walt Disney Animation Studios

Qui : John Kahrs et Clay Kaytis

Où : Forum des images, salle 500, Paris

Quand : 15 Juin 2011 19h

In their roles as Animation Supervisors for Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 50th animated feature, “Tangled,” John Kahrs and Clay Kaytis led a team of talented animators in creating a world of beloved new characters, and explored the ways in which the art of appeal provided the foundation that informed and inspired this new generation of screen favorites.

The duo will discuss how they drew on Disney Animation’s rich heritage of creating believable characters and used this to add the heart and imagination that marks the Studio’s most memorable performances. Join John and Clay as they reveal the challenges and triumphs faced in developing of the colorful cast of diverse characters for “Tangled” (“Raiponce”).


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